Custom Fabrications

O’Day Tank & Steel has the capability to produce custom items to your specifications and can assist in designing a solution to fit your needs.


Non-standard sizes and shapes, extra openings, internal baffles, and many other options are easily accommodated.


OSHA designed and tested, with or without safety cages, and a proprietary folding cage design is available if needed.


Custom designed and engineered to meet your space and loading needs. Free standing or modular to mount to a variety of tank battery layouts are available.


Solid stair channel with welded galvanized stair treads provide a sturdy transition from the ground to your elevated platform. May be fabricated to any length. Longer lengths may be broken down in smaller sections for ease of shipping and assembly on site.

Light Structural

A wide variety of structural shapes are available for your manufacturing needs, from angle to wide flange beam and everything in between.

custom_featuresLinings & Coatings

Alkyd, enamel, epoxy, urethane – a wide variety of coatings and interior linings are available to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion resistance, or even food grade applications. We will work with you to design a coating system for your application