Position: Painter

Position Summary: The painter’s job is to paint all finished products and assist with preparing surfaces prior to painting. They must also keep current with the latest developments in the field. Painters use airless spray equipment and pot gun spray equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform all preparation work necessary to prepare surfaces for paint.
• Supervise sandblaster and other helpers in surface preparation.
• Apply two-component urethane to Sti-p3 tanks.
• Mix and apply two component epoxies to the exterior or interior of tanks.
• Use airless spray equipment to apply alkyd enamel primers and finish paints.
• Read and follow application directions for special paint types.
• Utilize respirator and other safety equipment.
• Operate cranes, forklifts and bobcat to position products for painting.
• Assist in steel unloading.
• Prepare finished products for shipping.
• Assist in loading finished product on trucks.
• Maintain all equipment in good operating order.
• Perform thickness and other quality control inspections.
• Accurately record data on inspection forms.